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Naughty by Nature 25th Anniversary Tour

Posted on February 25, 2016 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (7)



By: @BOSSYINC Boss & @BossyincTina

Naughty By Nature's is back in the entertainment game doing shows as if they never left! Our hats go off to these Hip Hop legends for coming back stronger than ever!


If you grew up listening to hip-hop during the 1990s, Naughty By Nature (NBN) is synonymous with that pivotal age in which rap music swept the imagination of mainstream America.


Now these East Orange, New Jersey hip-hop legends are celebrating 25 years of crafting catchy but cool anthems that landed the group firmly on the pop charts for several years!


City by city & venue by venue, Treach, Vinny, DJ Kay Gee & their road manager Tru, are packing out events & flooring audiences with their high energy performances.


Naughty By Nature can still rip up a stage & move the crowd with the best of them, with Trigga Treach focused & in the best shape of his life rapping ferociously on the mic, Vinny hyping the crowd like never before & DJ Kay Gee on the ones and two’s spinning their classic 90's hits such as "O.P.P.", "Hip Hop Hooray” "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" & "Uptown Anthem".

Treach & Naughty Crew take time out in their performance to show a AWESOME gester of respect by shouting out the hip hop artists who represent for that particular city, and then proceeding to take out ever more time for a moment of silence to show respect for his most dear, but decased friend 2 Pac Shakur by pouring up the crowd at EVERY VENUE PERFORMANCE!

Once the entire bottle is almost gone, with only enough for one more drink in the bottle, Treach then begins to pour that same last drink over the 2 Pac tattoo that is located on his lower fore arm & then began to speak what I describe as almost haunting words,

"If I drink, you drink. If I smoke, you smoke, If I f**k, you f**k!"

- Trigga Treach of Naughty By Nature

Treach performs this act almost in a ritualistic like way by doing this at each and every concert! 

Naughty By Nature most def represent the honor & respect that still lives in some forms of Rap / Hip Hop! We def need more of that!

These men are a inspiration not only to up coming artists, but to young men overall!


Naughty also surprised the crowd by performing their new single "GOD ID US" feat. Queen Latifiah ! This song is simply amazing!!!!!


I will describe it as FEEL GOOD MUSIC! Positivity at its best in the HIP HOP form!


The BOSSY INC. Mass Media Marketing, Branding & PR Firm BLOOGER BLVD. Staff gives Naughty By Nature a BIG SALUTE & 5 STARS !!!!!

Treach, Vinny & DJ Kay Gee are calling out all the TRUE Naughty By Nature fans to help support their 25th Anniversary Kickoff Tour project.


They have GGGRRRREEEAT incentives for those that donate such as, Treach getting a tattoo with you, being on stage at a performance & even recording in studio live with Naughty themselves!!!!!!


Don't miss your chance to make history & be a part of a legendary show !!!!!



Go check out www.naughtybynature.com & DONATE NOW !!!

For the latest 25th Anniversary Tour dates check out NaughtyByNature.com

Check the video below to see the new single & video

"GOD IS US" feat. Naughty By Nature & Queen Latifah

 Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY… Lol.


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