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Watch Out For the El Trainn

El Trainn is an American Songwriter and Hip-Hop artist from Houston,

Texas. His lyrics are tough, smart and at times revolutionary. El Trainn has the ability to come up with catchy hooks when the rhyme calls for it, and his lyrics are not like anything you’ve heard in the Houston rap game before.

It’s like he has several distinctly different personalities when it comes to being a lyricist.

Don't Kross the Tracks

El Trainn surfaced on the South Side of Houston streets Missouri City area.

El Trainn along with Hip-Hop collective "The Sauce Factory" (TSF) have flooded the Southern Region of the United States with several music projects. TSF stands for The Sauce Factory and because there is no I in TSF, these men have used that concept to take over the Houston streets.

Most recently, El Trainn has released solo effort "Don't Kross The Tracks" under the TSF Record Label.

El Trainn’s " Don't Let The Train Cross The Tracks" is being played at several venues throughout the Houston, Texas area.

COVID-19 feat. El Trainn

Currently El Trainn is preparing for the new release of  a music single titled “Covid-19” featuring himself along with female Hip-Hop/R&B artist Boss of DPG/S.U.C.

The single is expected to be released within the next few weeks and will be available on all music platforms.