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Big Pokey, is a american rap artist from houston, Texas & also one of the active members of the legendary dj screw's "screwed up click".

Big Pokey joined up with dj screw in the early 1990s and started releasing songs on DJ Screw's many greytape mixtape. 

Big Pokey's first full-length album appeared in early 1999, "Hardest Pit In The Litter". The following year, Pokey returned with "d-game 2000, another album of mid-tempo 808-driven beats featuring several of his Houston peers as guests. 

this project generated over 15,000 independent album sales!

Big Pokey then returned in 2002 with another solo album, "da sky's da limit". 

In 2004, as the popularity of Houston rap expanded nationwide, HBO's hit series Entourage featured a clip of Pokey's song "Who Dat Talkin Down" in its pilot episode. 

In 2005 he was featured in the hit song "sitting sideways" with texas rap artist paul wall, which was #93 on US Top 100.

When asked how he felt about the term new houston & the younger generation of artists that its producing big pokey responded by saying,

"I love the new sound of the city! I'm proud of travis scott, kirko bangs, sauce walka, manny sauce, cal wayne, junebug, omg bloodbath, doughbeezy, skeet taste, propane, boss, layla mcvey and several more of the next generation of rap artists representing!

They help keep the city & state alive & relevant! they help keep screw alive & relevant! its plenty of room for everyone who carries the city in a positive way as far as i'm concerned. 

i just know that even though houston has added a new younger sound to its culture that our time still is not up! its about to be a merge of superpowers for the city! its not just about one sound, one generation or even one rapper. its about the Houston strong!" - big pokey

currently big pokey is in studio working on his upcoming project "the crock bull" which has been highly anticipated by the streets!

The first single from "The American Bully" project is scheduled to be released sometime during mid Fall!


Often labeled as the new “swag,” the Houston, Texas  "SAUCE" / Stay Down For The Come Up movement has emerged from the smoke-filled underground clubs and warehouses into mainstream media everywhere!

The Stay Down For The Come Up musical sound is alive and well and Manny Sauce is a prominent player!

Manny Sauce is known as a fresh new sound in the rap world, but is rapidly garnering international fame and acclaim for quickly distinguishing himself by creating his own fusion of Gangsta Rap and Hip Hop Club Dance Music. 

Houston, Texas, US-based rap / hip hop artist & writer Manny Sauce is gaining the early notoriety for his career by writing and rapping verses that is currently causing havoc in the Houston, Texas music scene! 

Thanks to Sauce Walka's persuasive hook & distinctive sound, the single "Manny Sauce" is in very heavy rotation in all of the HOTTEST nightclubs in Texas and being played in HEAVY rotation on several Texas Radio One stations!

Manny hit it big this year with the success of  his self titled single "MANNY SAUCE" a track he collaborated on with Sauce Twins Sauce Walka of Houston, Texas.

Recently Manny doubled back with a EPIC REMIX of his self titled "MANNY SAUCE" single which feat. Sauce Walka, Sancho Saucy & Chedda Da Connect and is produced by DaTrackMajor !!!!!!

Manny Sauce is a  vital part of Houston's thriving rap music scene. 

When it comes to recording features and hooks, MANNY SAUCE remains to be one of Houston's most sought after artists.

Already endorsed by Houston, Texas mainstream radio stations and music industry legends, the upbeat  Club Dance anthem "MANNY SAUCE", feat.  MANNY SAUCE & Sauce Walka of tsf's (The Sauce factory) The sauce twins, is continuing to climb the club charts and edging into mainstream!

Manny Sauce first dropped his self titled single “Manny Sauce" feat. Sauce Walka ( of The Sauce Twins ) for his Debut & then doubled back with a POWERFUL REMIX feat. Sauce Walka, Sancho Saucy & Chedda Da Connect produced by DaTrackMajor !!!!!!

Manny Sauce and The Staydown For The Come Up family have kicked out excitement and a definite buzz on announcement of the release of the Manny Sauce debut Album “Welcome To Sauce Park” in September of 2015.

The album consists of features from well know Rap Artists such as Trae of ABN / Hustle Gang, video vixen Jhonni Blaze, Sauce Walka, Sancho Saucy, Doughoy Sauce, Chedda Da Connect, G Hustler, DJ Pat 713, City 3000, Al Crocka, Drippy, King Hendricks, Mac Grace & KK of the Screwed Up Click & many more.....

With hypnotic grooves, pulsating sounds and ability to draw vivid portraits while keeping a crowd amplified with his lyrics, Manny Sauce will continue to keep all Dj's, dancers and party fans coming back for more!


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Manny Bezza ft Sauce Walka - Manny Sauce

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