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Professional media training and preparation can help any client take advantage of a media interview opportunity and “own” the storyMedia and speaker training is the best way to maximize an interview or speaking opportunity, and it has the added benefit of boosting confidence and helping to clarify thinking around important messages and issues.

At Bossy Inc., our media training services are customized to client needs and developed to ensure that the right brand messages are delivered with clarity, credibility, and authority.  

Our experience is comprehensive and covers a wide range of media interview and public speaking situations, from print, to television, to delivering a keynote address at a major meeting or handling an open question-and-answer session.  

We offer a two-hour “refresher” in advance of an important session, as well as a full-day workshop for groups.

Media Training Workshop

Our proprietary media training workshop starts with a backgrounding on today’s changing traditional and digital media landscape and the implications for interviews and information-gathering tactics, followed by the development and delivery of brand messages. The focal point is the media interview experience, including important aspects of on-camera interviewing, like voice, body language, and facial expression. 

The Bossy inc. client media training workshop includes videotaped practice interviews that are selected according to a client’s individual expertise and brand story, designed to prepare clients for everyday media interaction as well as tricky situations such as:

  • off-topic or hostile questions
  • interruptions
  • remote-camera or split-screen interview setups
  • background conversations
  • technical or clinical data,
  • emergency or crisis situations.

Our goal is that at the end of the day, our client’s message will be heard and the product seen, and that they will be ready to handle any question with confidence and authority. For many clients, media and message training is paired with Reputation Management.

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