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Your product will never stand out if all it does is blend in.....



Are you aspiring to be a actress or a model? Are you looking for a photographer to shoot your photos for your portfolio? 

Are you looking to update your update portfolio?  

Or do you just want to give photographic modeling a try? whatever the case, look no further!

BOSSY INC. Mass Media Marketing, Branding & PR Firm has had the privilege of photographing a wide variety of beautiful people over the years.

Some have had aspirations of becoming models and have come to us for the model portfolios, comp-cards and portraits so they could get started with a modeling career. 

Some were professional models hired for commercial photo shoots and projects. Others just came to us to capture this stage of their lives in beautiful images.

Bossy Inc.. Mass Media Marketing, Branding & PR Firm offers its services to both professional and amateur models, who want to capture their beauty forever in timeless images. 

Bossy Inc. seeks and embraces diverse talent from across the globe.  

We believe that now, more than ever, the entertainment industry is finally reflecting our world as it is today: 

a mix of different body types, ethnicities, religions, sexualities and political beliefs.  This is a trend that will only continue to grow.  We foresaw this change coming when we were founded in 1993.

Our commitment to expanding diversity in the entertainment community is reinforced our devotion to this movement today. 

there are tons of beautiful actresses & models fighting to get into the entertainment industry everyday & its sad to say that most of them are used, abused then discarded only to further the success of someone else, rarely ever the model or actress herself!

We not only strive for excellence in customer service, we strive for a relationship with each of our actresses & models providing personalized attention to both our local and internationally based clients. Having established a business model with a global perspective in mind, 

Bossy Inc. invites you to be taken serious!!!!!

Bossy Inc. PR represents the female gender who chooses to make it to the top on her feet, not her back!

Bossy Inc. invites you to experience a new level of excellence. 

The client can possess the most unique talent on earth, but if no one knows that the client or product exists you'll never make it to the point of success! In todays time, You have to be seen!

Remember, You will never stand out as long as keep just blending in! Separate yourself from the mediocre today! 

Obtain the representation you deserve!

  • We desire models who possess & strive for a respectful character within the entertainment industry & experience in light modeling or video vixen work

  • We prefer Actresses who have some work experience such as, reoccurring role(s), national/regional commercials, voice over experience.  Again, if you do not have experience, we welcome your submission and will quickly get you on your path.

  • We prefer you SAG/AFTRA or at least eligible actors.  However, if you do not have these qualifications we will gladly accept your submission.

  • Along with your contact information, please submit your most current head-shots, ZED cards (if modeling), resume, and any demo reels, speed reels, and/or mp3 for voice-over clients. 
  • we do not accept models or actresses under the age of 18

  • X-rated submissions will not be reviewed.  We kindly ask that you do not submit.

In addition to the above stated guidelines, we desires models & Actresses who are ready and willing to work in all areas such television, film, commercials, etc..

We look forward to hearing from you!

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